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Pottstown PA

About The Pourhouse/Little Italy

Located right in Pottstown, PA at 336 East High Street, is The Pourhouse and Little Italy. Both family owned establishments that have been in business for quite some time, are there to welcome anyone and everyone to dine in, get take out, get drinks, and even catering. 

With a variety of different foods to order from gourmet pizzas to burgers that you won't be able to experience anywhere else, The Pourhouse and Little Italy are the place to go. From a Sunday football game to a Friday night hangout, The Pourhouse and Little Italy are the places to go for your food, drinks, and entertainment.

Giving Back

The Pourhouse and Little Italy are proud to give back to the local organizations like the Hill School, Owen J. Roberts, Pottstown PAL, amongst other organizations, we are firm believers in building a better community.

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